Sunday, July 12, 2009

I Wanna Remember

Jace just turned three months, I swear every month gets shorter the older I get! It's NOT funny how fast time with him is flying by.

He is such a HAPPY baby, and for that I am continually grateful! He smiles at everyone. My very favorite is how happy he is first thing in the morning. I remember Camden being ravenous and crying to eat right when he woke up, but not this guy. He will smile and love on you a good 20 minutes before eating, and I'll take every minute of that.

He has started laughing. I've tried my hardest to capture it on camera but haven't been successful. His thunder thighs and feet can really get him going.

He is taking an interest in standing while you hold him. He is definitely getting stronger. He's not much for tummy time, but when he does lay down he lifts his head up pretty good.

Wiggle worm should be his new nickname. He is constantly moving his legs and arms at lighting speed. I wasn't very smart and had him lying in my bed for a nap, when he wiggled his way from the center and fell on the floor.

Jace is such a trooper. He can adapt to anything; our crazy schedule, his crazy brother, and a tired mom and dad. He is such a pleasant baby and we love him to pieces!

Camden has become quite the little copycat! He loves to point his finger and yell(I swear I don't do it all the time), wear our shoes, make his own dinner, and talk up a storm. Here are some of the funny things he says lately:
  • "I love me". He says this when he is trying to tell you he loves you.
  • Whenever I tell him thank you he quickly responds with, "Welcome".
  • Identical to "The Little Rascals" he says, "O-tay" instead of okay.
  • When someone tells him goodbye, he replies with, "see ya"
  • When he wants a snack he repeats, "nackie, nackie, nack" over and over.

Even though he can be a pill, he is so sensitive to others feelings. He can tell when I am upset and always offers a hug. When Jace cries(which isn't often) he rushes to his side and says, "otay baby Jace"? He definitely has compassion!

He is currently obsessed with "Brother Bear", "Mickey Mouse", and of course anything that is remotely close to a monster or dinosaur. String cheese and apple juice are both his heaven on earth.

I have often wondered if he grasps the things we are trying to teach him. Most of the time it is a fight, a battle of the wills, if you will. But today when I took him to his room for a nap, he insisted on having a prayer. I almost started crying happy tears right there, but I kept it together.

We love Camden and the little stinker he is!


Kenzie said...

You have thr frickin cutest kids.

Anonymous said...

Is that a pink shirt on Jace? Reminds me of Chads pink outfit picture! Ha Ha! You do know what I am talking about right?