Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Latest Obsession

I know, I know, enough of the sleeping pictures already. As I was "organizing" the pictures on our computer I noticed almost every picture I've taken in March has been of Camden sleeping. Do you think it's become an obsession of mine lately? Oh well it's what we've been working on, so be it!

This picture I took tonight is priceless to me in so many ways:

1st- This past week Camden has not even sat on, let alone laid down in his bed after bath time because he knew what would come next.

2nd- He didn't move an inch from where I left him after reading bedtime stories. Never mind me lying, telling him I needed to go potty and that I'd be back in a minute.

3rd- The book in his hand has been his FAVORITE book since the beginning of time.

4th- Baby Eddie looks to comfy sleeping next to him.

5th- The way his hand is strategically placed on his belly. You can always tell he's tired when he rubs his belly button.

6th- He's got his, as well as my favorite "blank" that his Nanny B made him.

7th- He didn't even cry tonight when I shut his door.

Sleep tight little guy, I love you!!!


Debbie said...

I'd say that's definately a priceless picture. Congrats on no crying tonight, here's to many more smooth nights.

Gabaldon said...

That is so precious! Sleeping baby oh the joys:) love his little buddy in his bed with him!


AWWW the little guy is getting use to his bed!!! I love him!!

Kris*Mitch*Kal said...

HOw cute!! can i send Kali to you, and you can train her to sleep in her own bed and room!