Friday, March 27, 2009

Dan's Fault

***Disclaimer*** This is MY version of the story. Dan wanted me to note he DID NOT punch his kid in the face. Dan said the boxing was over at that point, Camden fell and hit his nose. But I have to admit it makes for a good story:)

Lately Camden has been obsessed with boxing. He will hold his fists up to his face and say "box". I'm not quite sure where he picked this up from, and I don't claim to understand it. I just chalk it up to being another boy thing.

So this morning as Camden and Dan were boxing I hear Camden start crying and Dan say, "you're okay get up". We like to practice tough love at our house:) The next thing I hear is, "Um Lissa, he has a bloody nose". I guess that's what happens when you mess with the big dawg!

The funniest part about the whole thing was Camden noticing the blood on his hand from wiping it, and he held it up to say "owie". His nose obviously didn't hurt that much but his poor hand was rather painful.
While we are blaiming things on Dan I might as well blame my clean fridge on him! Before leaving for work this morning he asked how I felt about "tackling parts of the house" when he got home from work.

You know you are 8 1/2 months pregnant and have lost all energy and will to clean the house when your husband notices and offers to help out. So being the good wife I am, I decided it was time I get something done.
It started with the fridge. And when I am in the mood to clean, I mean business. So this is what my refrigerator looks like at the moment, pretty empty I know. But it is definitely clean! I guess the grocery shopping will have to come tomorrow.

After feeling mighty accomplished I decided to take care of something else that has been bothering me, my walls! I got out the rubber gloves, bleach, and a rag, and went to town. I washed them from top to bottom until...

I had the bright idea to use our office chair in the bathroom to climb onto the counter. Let's just say my cleaning stopped there after I fell.

Note to self: don't try climbing on the wet bathroom counter when you are VERY pregnant. You will loose your balance and fall! Leave the wall washing to the professionals!



I am looking at your blog with Owen and when he saw Camden with blood he also said OWIE!!! I love it..and STOP climbing on chairs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that you stopped to take a picture before cleaning Camden up. That's the best. Totally something I would do. Wait!! Stop!! Before you take him away in that ambulance, can I get a picture? Everyone smile!

The Brinkerhoff's said...

Are you trying to go into labor. WOW!! I have not done that much my WHOLE pregnancy... I just make Travis do it.I am a Nice wife I know

Tawnya said...

Ugh, I can only wish my fridge looked like that! I need to step up my spring cleaning.

fivewalkers said...

Poor Camden. Hate to say it but it won't be the last bloody nose. :-( You are totally nesting...I did the same thing with all three. I love your note to self, just make sure you follow. We are excited for this little guy's entrance. Please call or text when he gets here. Miss you guys.


I know 1 o'clock church seriously BITES!!!