Thursday, October 2, 2008

Check Up Time

Today we took Camden for his 15 month check up. We went a little late this time because we switched doctors(who we absolutely love by the way), but still got a clean bill of health. The doctor said, "he is tall and skinny just like his parents". I was grateful the doctor added me in that tall and skinniness with Dan, even if it isn't true bonus points to him for saying it. He weighed 23.8lbs(25%) and is 32(75%) inches tall. And just as I suspected he has a ginormous head which also measures in the 75th percentile.
And because Dan and I are suckers for this kid we took him to Jamba Juice after he did so well getting shots. What more can a boy want then hangin' out on the couch with a Jamba and his remote? Doesn't he look so grown up in this picture, I can hardly stand it?!
We love his little personality more everyday! As of lately he is obsessed with our dog. He follows her everywhere holding firmly to her tail. Luckily Chewie is really good to him and puts up with his pestering. He loves to blow kisses, we are working on teaching him how to hug. He follows commands really well and I love that he is learning the concept of cleaning up after himself. He still barks like a dog and will moo like a cow, but that is as far as we've got in the animal department.

Yesterday when I dropped him off at the babysitters house he was waving goodbye to me even before I left. He is a social butterfly but has his limits, he understands that not every face is a familiar one. He loves to be outside and explore. He is fascinated with furniture that is his size, I really need to get him a pottery barn chair. He climbs on everything, and loves to make a mess.

He will point to his hair, ears, nose(beep beep), eyes, teeth, toes(piggies), and belly button when he is in a performing mood. Anything he can get a hold of is a golf club. He loves to swing and hit the ball, or anything for that matter. He can throw like a champ. I've really got to work on his soccer skills, I can't let Dan get away with all the glory!

All in all he is a piece of work that we love to death. I still can't believe I have a 15 month old, how did this happen?


Adam and Andrea Daveline said...

What a great little trooper he is! And so adorable too!

bgcarter said...

ACKT!!! This means that I am also fifteen months older.

Heather said...

can you believe that we have kids? I mean, where did the days go that we carpooled to West 8 and filled our mugs with orange soda at lunchtime??? Although I miss those days, it is so fun to see us as moms! Cam is seriously adorable...those EYES!!

Cara Fish said...

Whoa! I can't believe he is getting so OLD! I mean that seriously! He is such a beautiful boy! And, just for the record, you ARE tall and skinny.