Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Get Away

I had the opportunity to take my boys on a little road trip to Utah while Dan stayed home and worked.
I have been so lucky to have friends with kids the same age as mine.  It worked perfectly to let these handsome boys ride bikes and share popcorn at the park while we visited.  I love that even though it has been forever since I'd seen this friend, it was as though no time had passed at all.
Not only have I enjoyed being closer to family, but my kids have as well.  They were on cloud nine after spending just a short time with a few cousins.  We can't wait to go back again in a few months and see more of them!
Fishing in Great Nanny and Papa's stream is a must.  It's a good thing great Nanny is the world's best fishing pole maker, she even hooked them up with a paperclip hook at the end of their line.  We were so glad we got to stay with her for Sunday dinner and spend time with Aunt Kristi, Charly and Uncle Cracker while we were there.
And for our last stop(the reason for this trip), we got to spend a few days with another favorite friend of mine.  It was so much fun watching our kids play together.  We did so many great things: bounce house, sleepover(it was pretty short lived because I scared poor Owen while getting after the mischievous Jace Man), celebrated a birthday, ate TONS of yummy food, had girls night out(thanks Blake), played Phase 10, went to a ball game, talked, swam, shared breakfast on the patio, braided hair, went out to lunch, and bonded like it was nobodies business.
As we were saying goodbye Owen told Camden he would miss him, it pretty much melted my heart!  We were beyond grateful for the their generosity and for the chance we had to hang out.

I love that all these people(and so many more) are just a few hours away!

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