Saturday, June 12, 2010

All Camden wanted for his birthday this year was muffins(muffins and cupcakes are both known as muffins to him) and balloons. Seeing how Aunt Charlie gifted me with a new giant cupcake pan for my birthday, I decided to give it a whirl.
It was a success!  He loved putting his own sprinkles on and couldn't help but devour the masterpiece. 

His favorite gift was a toss up between a computer from Nanny and Papa, and a dinosaur fort from Aunt Charlie who traveled a long way to help celebrate.
Our first stop for the day was the bowling alley.  Nothing like a couple rounds of fun and a pizza.  I was obsessed with how cute those two were in their miniature bowling shoes.  My immature highschool self thought about stealing the shoes for his daily use, but luckily my more mature self got a grip and we walked away empty handed!
After bowling we headed to a local bounce house to let out some sugar before kissing my newly turned three year old goodnight.

Camden is definitely growing up before my eyes.  He has gone from a fussy newborn to an independent man.  He starts most things out a bit on the cautious side, but once both feet are wet he will never look back.  He loves to wrestle, box, dinosaurs and bugs.  He would never pass up an opportunity to go golfing or hang out with his Dad.  I'd be kidding if I didn't say he had a sensitive side.  He loves to be with his girlfriends.  If nails are being painted or make up applied, you better believe he wants in on it too.  After all, what boy doesn't want shinny toenails from a fresh coat of clear polish and soft kissable lips from regular usage of chapstick.  He likes to follow other kids his age and is a good leader to those younger than him.  He is a proud big brother and the perfect one for Jace.  His most recent accomplishment is learning how to dress himself and put on his own shoes.  He is obsessed with books and dancing to music.  He loves Nursery and going to Kathy's house(his babysitter).  He loves hard boiled eggs, mickey mouse shaped cheese, and chocolate milk in a closed cup(with a straw).  Eensy weensy spider, I love To See The Temple, and I Wanna Be a Billionaire, are some of his favorite tunes. He would live outside, take a bath 8 times a day, have every pet possible, and eat treats all day if he could.  He is a smart little guy and working on being able to recognize letters.

We feel so lucky to have Camden in our family.  Happy Birthday to "the dude", we love you!

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