Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Little Trick

Oh to be a fly on the wall.

I made a trip to the doctor's office today. Why is it that the only available appointments fall during naptime, which then turns into lunch time, which ultimately spells disaster.

I needed to be there, so I went with two kids in tow. I arrived to a waiting room full of nasty people(rude I know, but the truth). Luckily Camden only had two meltdowns before they called us back. Back in the next waiting room that is. This is the room where they handed me 8, count them, 8 pages of paperwork. Are you kidding?

And the madness begins. I need to fill out the paperwork but I'm afraid to put Jace on the filthy floor, so I opt to hold him. Well that makes a hungry and tired Camden jealous. And his jealously turns into a flat out rage. I continue filling out the paperwork while Camden is hitting his head against the wall, biting my legs, screaming, growling, hitting Jace, hitting me, tearing the magazines up and throwing them around the room...etc. Trying not to loose my cool, or my children for that matter, I finish 7 pages and have myself meltdown when the doctor comes in asking if I'd finished yet(you know she came in to make sure I wasn't killing my son). She tried hard beating around the bush to see if I had any concerns or questions about how to care for children. So in my crying, sweating, embarrassed rage I said; "Are you asking me if I want to beat my kids?" She shrugged her shoulders a bit in fear and said, "Yes." So I quickly explained if I'm not out of here in the next five minutes I might.

It worked. We were out in a flash. I need to remember that trick for next time.

And in case you're wondering...Dan took Camden to the driving range and Jace is napping. I'm now in a happy place!


Dayna and Randy said...

Oh I totally understand the madness!


I can only smile at that and say "this is motherhood"!

DontYouWishYouWereUS said...

Why don't you call me to watch your children next time? I would LOVE to watch them. I am sorry the people at the doctors are so clueless.

Tawnya said...

Rrrgh, it takes way too much to hurry up a doctor's office. Don't do that again!! I'll totally watch the kids. Serious.

cathy said...

That is hillarious! I have felt just like that before..I feel your pain! That picture is soooo darling. That alone makes it all worth it doesn't it?